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Treatment Plan

We initially discuss what you are looking to accomplish and what I can do to help you find what you are looking for. A plan of action is created for individual needs and preferences. We come up with a general timeline to accomplish the goals though every client is different and sometimes timelines are extended or shortened.

Modalities Utilized


This is an ancient technique which helps clients achieve fast results if they are ready and willing. Once a client is under a hypnotic trance they are susceptible to suggestions which embed themselves in the subconscious mind.

EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques

This technique utilizes the meridian system in a similar way as acupuncture. Instead of needles fingernails are used to tap specific areas which release emotions.

RET - Rational Emotive Therapy

This technique was developed by Dr. Albert Ellis. It teaches us that irrational beliefs can be removed to achieve a better standard of life.

Relaxed and Happy
What to Expect:
sad smile

Physical Sensations

After a hypnosis session the most noticeable feature is called "hypnotic beauty." This is caused by the relaxation experienced during the session. Clients also may feel more relief after finding a new way to cope with stress.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

With CBT we learn to be responsible for our own emotions through thoughts and actions. Thoughts follow feelings which follow actions. Unless the thought process gets interrupted past patterns will continue.

Emotional Changes

Hypnosis helps individuals to be more in touch with their emotions. This allows clients to react with less intensity to situations around them and better control strong emotions.

New Thought Patterns

After a session clients report being able to establish new thought patterns which allow them to make their desired changes.

Social Work

A clinical assessment is utilized to better understand an individuals needs. Part of this assessment includes a psycho-social history which also includes a medical background.

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